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Certainly we need packaging for various reasons. Whether you simply want to buy boxes to transport our goods when we move or we need boxes to store the merchandise of our own store, or whether we simply require boxes for the objects we do not use anymore, it would be best to use our services.

As long as we are talking about boxes, we will be able to meet every need. In our department of cardboards, we produce two different types of packaging. The first type is represented by the presentation packaging, and the second by the collecting packaging. In case of the presentation packaging we offer the possibility to choose any color you desire, or policolor printed with offset paper. If you opt for a classic presentation packaging, we will provide brown cardboards.

Given the manner of execution, our specialists in this department can provide any kind of box from the FEFCO catalog or we can create and other type of boxes to perfectly suit your needs. Also, we know that when it comes to quality everything has to be flawless, and we can guarantee this service due to the latest technical equipment we use.

Depending on what you want, the boxes we make can be stapled on the glued joints. If you want a box set that is perfect for the products to be stored in, you must give us the exact size that we keep in mind. We have no limit in terms of these dimensions. Instead, you should know the following aspects that matter when choosing the size for your future boxes:

Length (L) x Width (B) x Height (H). All these must be expressed in millimeters (mm). Here's an example: L = 200 mm, B = 130 mm, H = 200 mm, 200x130x200.

So, regardless of why you need this type of packaging and regardless of their size, here at CONSTRUC PACK, we will be able to provide you with everything you need.