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  Nobody wants to lose their chair

                    But everybody wants to change it with a better one


We are a company founded 20 years ago, exactly on the 16th of November in 1994 and are based in Sighetul Marmatiei. We originally started as a company specialized in the production and marketing of corrugated cardboard packages.

Thanks to the professionalism we provided, we have become a very important company in this field, and so we decided to extend our services. The next step was to also provide the expanded polystyrene, in the first phase as a protective element for the products that were to be stored in boxes made by us.

Later, we decided to sell expanded polystyrene in industrial quantities for various construction companies or other colaborators that needed this insulating material. To maintain a high quality of the services, we took into account the acquisition of advanced equipment for cutting and shaping both polystyrene and cardboard packaging production. This way we managed to attract increasingly more customers also being contacted by many companies abroad.

In 2003 specifically, we opened a line of upholstery that we brought to the highest quality standards. Currently, this is the most important part of the business. We are focused on upholstered chairs and to be sure of their quality, we decided to also open a carpentry department to produce the skeletons needed for the seats created by us. In this way, we can say that all products are 100% produced by our in our workshops.

This way we managed to make several business partnerships with major western companies from Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, and so on. We are currently one of the largest companies in Maramures with thousands of square meters of land and production halls for optimum development of our entire industrial process.

In the future we are considering the development of the IT department and other related issues to help us in the evolution of the company and the services provided to our customers.