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  Nobody wants to lose their chair

                    But everybody wants to change it with a better one

Customer portfolio

The quality of our products and services is not left unanswered, and that is why we can be proud with a significant number of business partners, both in the country and abroad. Here are just some of the oldest and most important partners.

• COTTA INTERNATIONAL - is a furniture company in Romania that cooperates with many companies in countries such as Germany, Italy, France, the United Kingdom or Poland. We collaborate for a long time.

• PLIMOB - Another furniture provider in Romania, among our major business partners.

• ITALSOFA - Is an Italian company with a highly developed network of representatives, present in our country at Baia Mare

• Jafo IM / EXPORT - is an import - export company mainly specialized in furniture. Works only with top companies in Europe facilitating hundreds of transactions each year. We have a long term cooperation with representatives of the companies in the Netherlands.

• MWA MOBEL - is one other representative of that company, headquartered in Austria, but its agency is almost entirely independent, having its own business in the furniture industry with many companies from other European countries.

• MWA Aktuelle - is a major furniture company in Germany working with us for a long time. The services of this company have long surpassed the German border, being na imporant exporter of furniture in many countries in Europe.

• KRINES RATTAN - Also from Germany, and also a company that is with us when it comes to business.

 • CREATZION IN HOLZ - A well-known German company that offers furniture for sale for all tastes.

 • SARL MULTIPRO - A business partner in France, which offers many alternatives when it comes to choosing your favorite indoor and outdoor furniture

These are just a few of our partners, and is certainly the most important proof of our professionalism.