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  Nobody wants to lose their chair

                    But everybody wants to change it with a better one


We all know how important the little details are, especially when it comes to furniture pieces. The interior design can give a touch of originality anytime and in this case, those little details that can make a huge difference as the chairs.

It is very important that your pieces of furniture are in perfect harmony, which unfortunately, is very often missing just because of these small details. Therefore, we, the people from CONSTRUCT PACK strive to offer a large range of options when it comes to choosing the perfect chairs for the living room, for your office or your bar.

To meet your needs best, for each chair model we can provide a wide range of materials, and a wide range of colors. This way, each chair can be upholstered either in leather, synthetic leather or fabric. In addition, the upholstery color can be chosen by you. If you want, various prints can also be applied to provide extra elegance that suits your needs.

All our chairs are made of beech wood, which is one of the most popular materials when it comes to furniture. It is known as a very strong wood but at the same time having a fineness of fibers and a very nice color.

Besides chairs for restaurants or your living room, we can also offer bar stools that will add a touch of elegance to the personal bar or the pub that you own.

Also, because we know that it not just the design that matters, besides offering seats for all tastes, which seamlessly integrate both a classic design and a futuristic design, we took into account the fact that for our clients the most important is the quality.

We respect two principles when it comes to quality. The first is related to the shape of the chair and the other, the materials used. Our chairs look good, are comfortable and have a long service life.

Their quality is guaranteed by the experts who check each stage or phase of work to ensure that all rules are followed. A proof of the quality of our work is evidenced by the collaboration with several furniture companies in the West and beyond.

So if you want a set of chairs to match perfectly with your living room, or if you want to buy chairs for your restaurant or bar, you can be sure you will find everything you want at our company. The design, quality and comfort are the top priorities whenever we are working with a client. You will be able to convince yourself of these aspects!